FreePDF XP 4.06

Good document viewer for computers with the Windows XP operating system

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    Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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    6.2 (227)

FreePDF XP is an application designed to convert files into the portable document format (PDF). PDF is currently used for everything from creating e-books to sending documents to professional printers. It is important to note right away that FreePDF XP is not a standalone application. Users need to download the latest version of Ghostscript as well. Ghostscript is a library of tools for processing postscript and PDF documents. FreePDF XP is just a graphical interface for the Ghostscript library that runs on Windows systems. Both applications are small downloads. The download process is friendly although the program is created in German originally, and some of the English translations are awkward at best.

One of the first things that users will discover is that FreePDF XP is a utilitarian program. It is not a particularly user-friendly application despite being a graphical interface. The program installs fast but does not add an icon to the desktop. A reason for this is that FreePDF XP actually cannot create PDF files through the graphical interface. It cannot be used like an editor or a graphics program. FreePDF XP is purely a convertor that works in tandem with other products that can be used to compose PDF files. One function it can perform by itself is to merge PDF files.

FreePDF XP installs a new device on the computer along with the application. This is the main way users will interact with the application. The device is technically a printer. The printer appears as FreePDF XP when users attempt to print from within another program like Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator. The current document is then sent directly to FreePDF XP. The program pipes the document into the Ghostscript processor. A graphical dialog pops up asking users what to do with the output. The PDF is then created and saved or sent to whatever location the user chooses.

One of the nice features about FreePDF XP is that it can send new PDF documents to a few different areas. The file could be saved somewhere as a standard PDF document. It could also be dropped directly on the desktop. Another option allows multiple PDF documents to be queued and combined as part of a workflow. This is especially helpful when creating an e-book made from several chapters. A final option is to send the PDF document to someone else through an email. FreePDF XP uses a command-line email program to send the document as a simple message with an attachment.

There are some problems with FreePDF XP. First, it is not for novice users. Another issue is that there is no document preview before it is saved as a PDF. This can be frustrating. The single largest issue is that a separate editing program is necessary. Most modern editing suites can easily produce PDF files without requiring an external application. Despite these drawbacks, however, the FreePDF XP is an effective way to create PDF documents if there are no other options available.


  • Creates PDF files fast
  • Works with most editing programs


  • Functionality is not necessary with modern editors
  • Using the program the first time can be confusing

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